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Solar Lighting Service Commitments

Warranty for Outdoor Lighting Products

Goldsuno provides 3 year warranty on its solar street light product from goods shipping out of Goldsuno manufactory, 5 year warranty on landscape lighting, 5 year warranty on high bay LED product, and 2-year warranty on LED step lights. This warranty will be extended to the end users who purchase our products from our customers.

24 - Hour Technical Support

Goldsuno provides a 24-hour technical support line that is more than willing to help you with any of your concerns.

Free Online Training

Goldsuno offers a full free training service to its customers who purchase its outdoor lighting fixtures. This training service includes: product installation, storage,operation and maintenance.

Solar Lighting Customization Services

Goldsuno has a strong product design team with rich experience which can provide you the best solar street lighting or high bay lighting solution. Our experts are ready to assess the feasibility of your projects.

1. Analysis of your needs
2. Solar survey: 
   Calculation of solar potential
   Calculation of energy needed to meet your lighting requirement.
3. Photometric studies
   Presentation of technical choices
   Sizing of systems
4. Recommendation and suggestion
   Calculation of layout
   Optimization of budget

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