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About Goldsuno Solar Street Lights

Goldsuno outdoor solar LED street lights provide high intensity lighting at night while consuming no electricity. These fantastic lights are extremely cost-effective, best for enhancing safety, easy to install, and require no monthly fees for electricity usage. In addition, they use top-quality components that last several years so your investment will keep shining continuously, every night, for a long time.

Solar street lights customized

Goldsuno has a strong R & D team, we work with you to design the best solar street lighting solutions for your individual needs, and customize every piece of our solar powered lighting systems to ensure they meet the optimal requirements for the environment, temperature, and sunlight duration in your local area.

How does solar street light system work?

During the day,the PV panel captures sun’s energy and stores it in a battery. At night, battery releases the stored energy to power LED arrays. The smart energy controller manages the flow of energy and ensures a guaranteed light is provided, no matter the weather conditions.

The solar street light will be turned on and off automatically through a charger controller with built-in dust to dawn day light control fuction.

Also, built-in sensitive motion sensor, when motion is detected, the light would be brighter, and then becomes dim again if the motion isn’t detected.

Why Goldsuno?

Goldsuno is one of the renowned names of the industry engaged in manufacturing and supplying Solar Street Lights with over 12 years experience. Goldsuno also has in-depth research in the LED module’s high luminous efficiency, light distribution, monocrystalline sillicon solar panel. MPPT technology enhance charging efficiency, in low temperature charge and discharge of LifePO4 battery cycle lifespan and intelligent management control.

Our solar street light products are widely admired for their longer functional life, reliable performance and easy installation. Moreover, we provide customized products to the clients which could be determined upon the clinets’s request.

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