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Established in 2007 | Factory Area 5000 sqm | Annual Export US $10,000,000
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Shenzhen Goldsuno Opto-electronic Techonology Co. Ltd
Headquater in China Tel: (+86) 755-28029106 Fax: (+86) 755-28028529 Mobile: +86 18819261803 (Ms Ariana Chen) E-mail: My Alibaba: Addr: 5th Floor,B building,Nuofeng Technology Park,GuanLan Street,Longhua District,PC.518110,Shenzhen,China

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We woule like to discuss your project, requirements, and even any budget you are trying to stay within. We will find the solution to best suit your needs. Feel free to fill out the consultation form below, and a lighting expert will get back to you within 24 hours. Or you can call directly at +86-18819261803 to speak with a lighting expert.

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