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Established in 2007 | Factory Area 5000 sqm | Annual Export US $10,000,000
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Company History

    In 1995

    Jieyang Jingxin Harware company established and start to OEM service on hardware and electrical products.

    In 1998

    The mould department formed and began produce own mould.

    In 2000

    Electroplate factory and integration mould produce, stamping and surface treatment.

    In 2002

    Shenzhen Longgang District Goldsuno precision hardware Co., Ltd. Established and got to produce mould for customers.

    In 2004

    Shenzhen factory moved to Longgang district, start to design, produce precision computer plug-in units like USB etc. Jieyang factory enlarge
    new plant as well.

    In 2007

    Shenzhen Goldsuno Hareware Co., Ltd. Established and formed Electronics Development Department with Taiwan company, start to divers
    development, fabricate and design electrical products such as KTM, TVM.

    In 2008

    Shenzhen Hardware company began to design and produce LED Lamp radiator, shell etc. for LED Lighting.

    In 2009

    Company cooperated with Shenzhen Research Institute of Tsinghua University to vigorously develop LED indoor high-power LED products.

    In 2010

    We are the first one whom with supper heat dissipation pure aluminum LED bulb light, which have been reported by TVS.

    In 2011

    We applied for national level high-tech enterprise.

    In 2012

    We got factory investigation report by Rhein TUV Germany.

    In 2013

    We got CUL certificates for all the series of downlights.

    In 2014

    In Oct. 2014, UL/Energy Star Certification Acquired.

    In 2017

    Have more than 100 UL/ETL/Energy Star listed items and gains popularity in North American market.

    In 2019

    Relocation address: B building,Shan Yuehua Technology Park,No.63 Xintang Village,Fucheng Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen, China

    In 2023

    Expand factory scale, daily production capacity reach 60,000pcs.

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