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Wholesale Premium Solar Garden Lights, Solar Wall Lights, Solar Pillar Lights, Solar Pathway Lights and Solar Street Lights

Goldsuno - One Leading Solar Lights Manufacturer in China 

Goldsuno Lighting, a leading professional Solar LED Lights Manufacturer in China. With over 12 years experience, We are specialized in the design, manufacturing, sales and services of high quality solar lights. We could design according to your drawing, add your logo, and make the lights according to your specifications and applications.  We have exported to over 50 countries and 1000+ solar powered lights projects..

We have developed a large series hot selling solar lights products,  including solar wall lights, solar pillar lights, solar landscape lights,  solar garden lights, solar home light kit, solar christmas string lights,  solar camping lights, etc.

We use high conversion rate mono solar panel and large capacity lithium battery for all these solar lights. They can be fast charged with 6-8 hours, and work up to 10 hours. Not only light up at night, but these stylishly shaped fixtures are also a beautiful decoration for your outdoor areas. 

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