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Where there are solar street lights, the sky is especially blue

2020-4-3 by Goldsuno

Recently, We compiled a photo of some engineering cases of Goldsuno Optoelectronics Technology, and found that many places where Goldsuno Optoelectronic Technology can use street lamps, the sky is particularly blue, and the pure blue sky is fascinating. Perhaps this is the contribution of the solar street lamp brand such as Goldsuno Optoelectronics Technology. Beautiful blue sky and Yuzhiyuan solar street light in Henggang Village, Guixi, Jiangxi Shangluo City Middle School, Shangluo City, Shaanxi Province.

As we all know, solar energy is a clean energy source, using energy from sunlight, and it is the cleanest energy source without any pollutants. It is a new energy source for environmental protection. The use of solar street lights is precisely the embodiment of environmental protection and green development concepts. Therefore, the use of solar streetlights in some regions is precisely the embodiment of the region's emphasis on environmental protection and the promotion of low-carbon green development. Nanshan Avenue, Xichang City, Sichuan Province

In Naqu County, Tibet, it is undeniable that many places where solar street lights are installed are in remote mountainous areas and rural areas. Therefore, the relative pollution is smaller, and the days of blue sky and white clouds are more normal. Finally, in the North Second Ring Road of Tengchong County, Yunnan Province, it is also necessary to point out that some companies like Goldsuno Optoelectronics Technology promote solar street lamps to use energy-saving solar street lamps to use clean energy and reduce harmful gases and dusts such as carbon dioxide. The emission of natural blue sky is much more. The corporate philosophy of Goldsuno Optoelectronics Technology is to “lead green energy and advocate smart life”. Therefore, the pursuit of blue sky and white clouds and beautiful environment is the goal of every person. Seeing more blue sky and white clouds, I also feel the pride of Yuzhiyuan people.

Solar Street Lights

Solar Street Lights

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