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The problem of solar street lighting anti-theft can not be ignored

2020-4-3 by Goldsuno

Recently, the author is concerned about the media reports that many solar streetlight accessories have been stolen. In fact, this is not an isolated phenomenon. Due to the high value of solar street light fittings and the high probability of being stolen in rural areas, it is recommended that solar street light manufacturers do anti-theft measures.

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The problem of solar street lighting anti-theft can not be ignored

Solar street lights are generally composed mainly of solar panels, lamp heads and light sources, poles, batteries and controllers. Most of these accessories are connected by hardware components, so they are easily removed. Due to the high versatility of the solar panel, the lamp source and the battery, and the high value, it is easy to become a target of theft. Coupled with the installation of some solar street lights in rural areas, located in remote sections, unattended, it will inevitably become the target of some lawless elements. Among them, the most easily stolen are solar panels and batteries, and there are some places where even one pole is left. Therefore, the anti-theft problem of solar street lights must be taken seriously.

The solar street lamp anti-theft problem, the author has the following comments: The first is that solar street lamp manufacturers can improve the integration level by designing and integrating structural components, improving the difficulty of disassembly and reducing the risk of theft. The second is for the battery, if it is a lead-acid battery, the installation is misplaced, concealing the battery pit, or strengthening the cement seal, so that the lawless elements can hardly find the battery buried position and increase the difficulty of stealing. Yuzhiyuan original article, please indicate the source!

Of course, in order to completely prevent theft, it is necessary to popularize and upgrade the quality of the village name, to protect the group, to mobilize the power of the masses, and to crack down on the lawless elements. Finally, I hope that everyone will enhance their public morality. Solar street lights are facilities that serve everyone and improve roads and safety. Everyone needs to maintain it, not for their own personal interests and harming the interests of the people.

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