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Research and judgment of solar street lamp market in 2020

2020-4-3 by Goldsuno

2019 is about to pass, and in the past year, the solar streetlight industry and the market have begun to show some new changes. So what is the status of the solar streetlight market in 2020?

solar street lamp solar lighting

The overall economic situation in 2019 can be described as a tumultuous year. The Sino-US trade war, domestic de-leverage and other factors have affected the economy. In the face of the solar streetlight industry, the macroeconomic layer has a certain negative impact, but the overall impact on the user market is not too large, mainly affecting the upstream of the industry.

2019 can be described as a year in which civilian solar street lights have sprung up. In fact, civilian solar street lamps have been on the market for some time, but the market lacks the promotion and standardization of well-known brands and industry leaders. Since Yuzhiyuan has aggressively cut into this market. After that, many manufacturers followed up and the civilian solar street lights broke out. This trend is expected to continue in 2019. Demand will also be stimulated and the market size will continue to expand, which is expected to be the fastest growing category in the field of solar street lights.

The engineering solar street lamp market is expected to maintain a stable development trend, and the market demand for solar street lamp renovation will increase, because the solar street lamps that have been put into massion in the past few years will enter a maintenance cycle. Some technology-rich solar streetlight brands will have greater market potential if they seize the opportunity. This article is the original article of Yuzhiyuan, please indicate the source.

The export market is expected to have a large development. As solar energy is mainly targeted at Asian, African and Latin American markets, trade wars will stimulate China to seek other export channels. In addition, the demand for solar street lamps and solar lighting products will increase in developing countries this year. Therefore, it is especially important to continue to expand the foreign market.

Generally speaking, for other domestic industries, the solar street lamp market in 2019 is still worth looking forward to. The author maintains a cautiously optimistic attitude here, and I wish all colleagues in the solar street lamp industry to achieve another success next year!

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