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Goldsuno Solar Lighting Blog

On 2020/4/27 by Goldsuno China

In the last few years, there is a exponential growth in the number of solar street lighting manufacturers on the global market. However, for your business, it is not al[...]

On 2020/4/6 by Goldsuno China

Usually, for a solar lighting system, there are five major components. They are high-efficiency solar panel, intelligent control system, solar battery, high lumen efficiency LED module and aluminum alloy lamp arm.

Solar panel

On 2020/4/3 by Goldsuno China

At present, solar power technology is getting increasing popularity as a dependable source by sunshine for street lighting all over the world. Here, Goldsuno as a rich experience solar street lighting manufacturer, is sugguesting [...]

On 2020/4/3 by Goldsuno China

Usually, led high bay lights are ideal for commercial and industrial areas ceilings illuminating with over 6m high. LED high bays are the best way to reduce energy costs. But if you are changing out old inefficient technologies,  you will make many[...]

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