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Goldsuno Solar Lighting Blog

On 2020/5/27 by Goldsuno China

Product innovation must be based on the customer's special requirement, Goldsuno always stick to this product principle. Recently Goldsuno has launched a new innovative design solar street light system which is called 20w solar yard[...]

On 2020/5/25 by Goldsuno China

Goldsuno, a global leader in outdoor lighting solutions, recently announced the launch of its innovative solar led yard light, an economic solar street light with 8w solar p[...]

On 2020/5/23 by Goldsuno China

May.18th,2020, the first heavy rain of the Dragon boat rain season in Shenzhen China. I couldn't see anything when I was driving. Heavy rain beating on the windshield, other cars and the road disappeared in the white noisy rain. Can I stop on the highw[...]

On 2020/5/15 by Goldsuno China

Contrary to install traditional lights, it is quite simple for installing or maintaining a solar street light system. Here we list you the all in one solar street lights installation[...]

On 2020/5/13 by Goldsuno China

Solar powered lighting system is becoming more and more popular, and it may instead of tradtional lights in future. Since there are  many benifits for using solar light systems.

Cost Effectiveness

The first benefit [...]

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