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On 2020/6/10 by Goldsuno China

Usally, a solar lamp doesn't really need much maintenance. As long as you inspect it for damage and clean the solar panel a few times a year, your light could last more than 10 years without a replacement. In this article, we suggest a few tips on how t[...]

On 2020/6/6 by Goldsuno China

How to choose best garden lamps for your pathways or coutyard? There are so many factors you must consider when making your decision. But don't confuse, in this article, we especially recommend solar garden lamp for you.

Solar g[...]

On 2020/6/4 by Goldsuno China

Why solar garden lamp is becoming more and more popular? I believe it's not hard to see the reasons. Solar garden lamps not only illuminate your surroundings but add aesthetic appeal to your garden.

It's great that you don't have to pay for e[...]

On 2020/6/3 by Goldsuno China

Recently, Goldsuno has launched a heavyweight super energy saving solar street light system, called 8w solar countyard light. It has been designed with an automatic smart control circuit. The circuit is supplied with monocrystalline silicon solar cell a[...]

On 2020/5/27 by Goldsuno China

Product innovation must be based on the customer's special requirement, Goldsuno always stick to this product principle. Recently Goldsuno has launched a new innovative design solar street light system which is called 8w solar yard [...]

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