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What are the main components of a solar lighting system


Usually, for a solar lighting system, there are five major components. They are high-efficiency solar panel, intelligent control system, solar battery, high lumen efficiency LED module and aluminum alloy lamp arm.

Solar panel

Solar panels are the most visible element of your system, which is why you are likely the most familiar with it. They are, in essence, the "face" of solar. If you go out and look up and down your street right now, you will likely be able to tell who does and doesn't have solar energy powering their home purely by looking for solar panels on their rooves.

The way that solar panels work is that the panels generate DC electricity as sunlight, or solar irradiation, stimulates electrons to move though solar cells that are in-built into the solar panels.

Intelligent control system

Intelligent management and maintain each battery unit, help to prevent over-charging and over-discharge of the battery, monitor the battery' state,effectively extend the battery's lifespan, and ensure the product's durable operation safety.

Solar battery

Adopt green environmental protection, non-heavy metal A1 grade lithium iron phosphate battery, combined with dual protection technology of charge and discharge, high temperature performance, large current discharge, lifespan cycle more than 2000 times.

High lumen efficiency LED module

Adopt high quality led Module with these advantages: high lumen efficiency over 180lm/w, long lifespan, producing no heat or less heat, low light decay.

Aluminum alloy lamp arm

The housing is made of aluminum alloy materials with high strength and weatherability performance, easy to cope with environmental changes.


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