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Stand Fast to our Job, Fight with COVID-19 Pandemic


May.18th,2020, the first heavy rain of the Dragon boat rain season in Shenzhen China. I couldn't see anything when I was driving. Heavy rain beating on the windshield, other cars and the road disappeared in the white noisy rain. Can I stop on the highway just because I couldn't see? No. Keep moving is the only choice. Turn on the double flash and focus on driving. After 30 seconds or so, I drove out of the big cloud raining. All things became clear again.

Coronavirus is like the sudden rain on your way to work. You cannot predict nor stop. You are like blind, so does others. But everyone keep moving is the only correct way. Who knows? The stressful moment is actually only 30 seconds?

When I arrived in our factory, the big truck was loading, and I saw supervisor Mr. Xiong standing in the rain directing the workers to load methodically.  Goldsuno-We are so proud that we stick on our job during this COVID-19 pandemic. We never fail one customer. We are positive and never flinch. After the "30 seconds", everything will be clear. And when you arrive in, rain already stopped. Sunshine is on it's way. "Return to work and production!" Goldsuno are also contributing to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic!

Stand Fast to our Job, Fight with COVID-19 Pandemic

Stand Fast to our Job, Fight with COVID-19 Pandemic

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