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How to Install All In One Solar Street Light


Contrary to install traditional lights, it is quite simple for installing or maintaining a solar street light system. Here we list you the all in one solar street lights installation manual. Everyone can install the integrated solar street lights in 5 miniutes.

Before installing an all in one solar street light system, the following steps should to be considered.

How to Install All In One Solar Street Light

Make sure to use guard lines surround the construction area, and only allow the installation personnel and specialists staying in the construction area.

Go through the solar street light installation manual which allows you to familiarize yourself with the circuit diagram, installation procedures, as well as safety measures you need to consider before starting the installation process.

Make sure to get a complete solar street light kit: the kit should have

Steps of installing solar street light, only 5 miniutes

Open the solar street light kit packaging and check if components are completed. Contained components as follows: controller, battery box and battery, lamp pole, solar panel, light fixture, access panel, solar bracket, basis cage, and other special toos like screws and wrench.

Select the best day-lighting location to set up the pole. Pole 3-5 meters high is appropriate,  pole diameter 40 ~ 100mm, Thickness more than 2.0mm iron rod or steel rod.

Turn on the switch before installation.

Put integrated solar light into the pole, fasten the screws with special tools, and ensure the light is stable.

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