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How To Choose The Best Solar Street Lighting Manufacturer For Your Projects?


In the last few years, there is a exponential growth in the number of solar street lighting manufacturers on the global market. However, for your business, it is not always easy to choose the best solar street lighting manufacturer to suit your project. This article will list you 5 key points in order to help you to resolve your doubts.

1. Don't Trust Fast And Cheap Answer, Trust Company Strength

Since 2008, the solar power as a renewable energy sector has experienced exponential growth. Every day, more and more companies are operating in this field especially after the increase of the demand for solar street light and other economical renewable systems that allow a reduction of the costs in terms of energy used. Many times we are often deceived by very low prices and fast solutions.

A quick and fast response may lack detail and accuracy. If your project starts on the road and you don't know what type of solar street light you need to install, and you need to carry out an in-depth study of what type of lighting system you need.

Always make sure that your contact person is available and attentive to your needs and that all the data provided has been clearly and accurately perceived. Promptness is not synonymous with accuracy and often overstated or underestimated offers are made because the company of your choice only wants to give you a price.

Goldsuno has rich experience in the solar street light industry, with Goldsuno you'll always have an experienced team of engineers, designers and commercials ready to listen to your needs. We have a strong teamwork and you can always interact with us and find together the best solution for you.

2. Warranty Terms

Warranty terms is quite important for your projects. Usually the professionalism of a solar street light manufacturer can also be seen from the warranties offered.

But unfortunately, it often happens that many small companies do not respect warranty terms, once they sell the product, they disappear completely from the market. So, you need to always ask what warranties they can offer; and the warranty statement must be clear and well defined.

3. You Should Visit The Company

If possible, you need to visit the factory you are considering for. Seeing the factory production line with your own eyes confirms whether this company is reliable or not.

Goldsuno always offers the opportunity to visit its factories and we are happy to organize for you a tour of our company. You will have the opportunity to get to know our team of engineers in person and to go into all the details of your project together.

4. Quality Control and Project Case

It is not possible to know in advance whether a product is of quality or not, and the only way is through its quality control system and project cases.

Goldsuno has many testing equipments and full procedures to guarantee its product quality. You should always ask for a test sample before making a bulk order. Goldsuno works with lots of customers every day and we have developed multiple projects around the world.

5. Customer Service

It is very important for the customer service offered to be exhaustive from the beginning to the end of the transaction. Goldsuno guarantees its customers full service from design to after-sales, thanks to its rich experience team. Here, you will always have a contact person ready to assist you with every need.

If we succeeded in gaining your interest, and want more information about Goldsuno, you can contact us or send us a message.

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