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An Innovative Design Solar Street Light First Using Respiratory Device


Product innovation must be based on the customer's special requirement, Goldsuno always stick to this product principle. Recently Goldsuno has launched a new innovative design solar street light system which is called 20w solar yard light. It is well suited for a wide array of applications, including courtyard, wall, road, garden, park, plaza, pathway, etc.

This 20w solar street light system holds a number of advantages, such as: all-in-one innovative design which could enhance product outstanding performance, using LiFePO4 battery and monocrystalline solar panels to promise product long working time,  ip65 waterproof design ensures safety and stability work in rain weather condition, no wires needed helps easy installation and save labour cost, completely powered by solar means no electricity bills for end users.

An Innovative Design Solar Street Light First Using Respiratory Device

Especially, in order to balance the atmospheric pressure inside and outside the light body, the 8w solar yard light has been built in a unique respiratory device. It is the first solar street light system using respiratory device in the industry. Therefore, although the solar street light has been working for a long time, there will be no water droplets appearing on the lampshade, which leads to longer the light lifespan.


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