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A Green Way to Reduce Your Business Lighting Cost


You may like this phrase: "My favorite childhood memory is not paying bills."  I think every adult would agree that not having to pay bills would be a wonderful thing, but that only exists in a utopia where money will never be concerned. However, when you by chance are looking to install outdoor lighting for your business, there's a lighting technology we specialize in that can help you reduce your business lighting bills. Just stick around for a 5-minute read,  and you will be more wiser!

A Green Way to Reduce Your Business Lighting Cost

How Can I Reduce My Business Bills Through Outdoor Lighting?

Actually, it is very simple, just use outdoor solar street lights for your business lighting. A solar LED street light system relys on the photovoltaic effect, which allows the solar cell to convert sunlight into usable electrical energy, and stores it into a lithium battery. The power drain on the battery is minimal since the light fixture uses highly efficient LED, saving as much energy as possible while still illuminating the public area in question. Ultimately, that means you can reduce your lighting bills since solar power is free.

Aren't Solar Panels Super Expensive?

They used to be! But some authoritative reports that the price of solar panels has dropped 99 percent over the past 40 years. In the 1970s solar panels were nearly unheard-of. Businesses of all sorts are starting to turn towards solar lighting to reduce their energy bills. Admittedly, the price of a solar light is more expensive up front than traditional lighting, but the savings over time are well worth the initial investment. Long-term results show a savings of over 50% when compared to traditional lighting installations. And that's not the only way to reduce your business bills.

Do I Need to Trench and Wire for Solar Street Lights?

Of course not. Traditional lighting requires you to dig up large portions of earth in order to connect to the power grid. With outdoor solar street lights, there's no need to get your hands dirty and can save a lot of manpower, material resources.

The benefits with solar lighting clearly reduce your business bills by primarily saving you money on trenching and energy usage. Why not take advantage of the power that the sun has to offer? Goldsuno might be able to make your business future a touch brighter by reducing your bills through solar lighting. Contact us to learn more.

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