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4 Points On How to Choose a Reliable Solar Outdoor Light System


Are you facing huge electricity bill problem with your current outdoor light system? Do you want to reduce this huge electricity bill quickly?

Then, you can choose a solar lighting sysytem instead. In this article, you will learn the basic knowledge of how to choose a right solar lighting system.

It may be a difficult task for choosing a reliable solar outdoor light system. All solar lighting manufacturers have something unique that they offer that is different from the rest. There are four main key points that need to be taken into consideration to ensure that you are going to install a reliable solar outdoor lighting sysrem and can work for severy years.

4 Points On How to Choose a Reliable Solar Outdoor Light System

Warranty of Solar Lighting System

Product warranty should can be taken into considerations at first. It can speak a lot about the product.  If a solar system only has one-year warranty,  that means, the manufacturer does not expect its system to last long life. Please  looking for some products that have at least a five-year warranty, or the components broken out for separate warranty information for individual components.

Longevity Information

Each component's Lifecycle  also can not be ignored. If a component needs to be replaced every year, this will waste time and money maintaining the systems. So when you are choosing a solar system, please make sure to receive not only warranty information, but lifecycle and longevity information.

Proven Field Installations

It is important to understand the company  before actually selecting a product.  Make sure that the field installations of the company  have been over a period of five years or more. There are many companies coming into the market today that have only been in business for a year or two.  Understanding the difference of a company that has proven field installations over a company who is new to the market can help ensure that the systems are built to last for many years.  Proven installations are the best way to understand the worth of a company.

Meeting The Specification

There are four key factors for designing a reliable solar outdoor light, they are: light level requirements, nights of autonomy, plenty of solar power and operation schedules. All must be met to the highest standard to ensure that the light will operate as required. Having a lighting plan completed to ensure that light level requirements are met is the first step to making sure that the purchase is from a reputable company. If the autonomy and solar power is not completely understood, calculations provided by the manufacturer can show exactly how the system is configured.

Here are the 4 main points you need to keep in mind when you're going to choose a solar lighting system. If you have any question, please contact Goldsuno's rich industry experience expert by email

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